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As part of our core values, we strive to meet with international standards while we render superior services to our clients
  • Before my arrival at Xirocomm Computer School, I had little knowledge on the use of computer, especially the use of the keyboard. But when I came to Xirocomm Computer School, it has broadened my knowledge and has enhanced my understanding of the keyboard; my typing skills have also been improved upon.
    Terseer Orseer John-Paul
  • I have benefited many things for the few weeks that I have spent here. I knew nothing about the computer before coming here but now I can boot the system, practice typing, and so many other things.
    Terdoo Freedom
  • The following are my benefits since I have been at Xirocomm; I know how to type using the keyboard, I know how to drag using the mouse, I also know how to double click with the mouse and well as other general issues of concern to personal development.
    Oraduen Ephraim Teryange
  • I have benefited immensely by coming to Xirocomm. I know how to boot the system, type, create a file, save a document with password, open an existing document, play games, insert rolls and columns, create a folder, open Microsoft excel, do calculations in excel, how to cut, copy, paste, and delete on the system, set a picture as desktop background, and so much more.
    Venoa P. Secivir